Meeting between Representatives of Invest International and members of the CTNCI

On the sidelines of their visit to “Hicha Joy”, a pilot project to which they helped finance, and in coordination with the Economic Department of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tunis, the Tunisian-Dutch Chamber for Commerce and Industry, CTNCI, welcomed the representatives of Invest International, namely Mr. Michiel Slootweg, Director of the Private Sector, and Ms. Tanja Schmid, Associate Investment Manager.

At the invitation of the CTNCI, several entrepreneurs, members of the Chamber expressed their interest and traveled from the interior of the country, for some of them, to participate in this major meeting.

The meeting began with a word of welcome from Mr. Chtioui Amor, Secretary General of the Chamber, who underlined the commitment of the CTNCI to support entrepreneurship and innovative projects. He affirmed that the Chamber will not hesitate to do everything possible to create a positive synergy, allowing Tunisian and Dutch entrepreneurs to benefit from Dutch expertise, pragmatism and financing, within the framework of innovative projects focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ecological transition.

M. Slootweg then presented Invest International highlighting its strategy for developing countries. In particular, he explained the eligibility conditions to benefit from the contribution of Invest International and also highlighted the opportunities offered to Tunisian-Dutch entrepreneurs to develop innovative projects.

The meeting continued with a review of the activities of the present companies. Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present their projects and explore the possibilities offered. The interactions between the stakeholders made it possible to unearth concrete avenues and explore new opportunities for collaboration, with an emphasis on sustainability and social impact.

The meeting was marked by fruitful exchanges opening up new perspectives for Tunisian and Dutch entrepreneurs.

The CTNCI expressed its deep gratitude to the representatives of Invest International for their valuable contribution to the success of this event, which gave rise to a significant boost in the Tunisian-Dutch entrepreneurial dynamic.